Friday, January 23

So-Called Being a Tomboy!!

It's such a pain when people didn't notice the difference and in this case I'm one of it. Last year began my new year as a Form 5 student. On the second day of school I cut my hair to look like a guy but my face still look like a girl (LOL). I still remembered Lana told me that I cut my hair too short but that's the point man. Let say that I've been influenced by 'someone' and have the guts to cut it so short till I didn't even care how long my hair was that time. Here's a picture of it

I f I was given a chance to change myself into a guy maybe I would even just for a day like Beyonce song "If I Were A Boy". I mean there some advantages being a dude and also disadvantages. Here's what I think about it..


* You won't get pregnant
* Not too care much about your insecure when you're alone cuz you're a dude.
(u get the idea)

* Can save much more money from buying too much clothes. etc.
(u get the point right)

* Don't get period every month.
* Don't worry much about what you're gonna wear to a party or any occasion.
* The way your dressing are simple.


* Won't have the chance to wear beautiful dresses.
* Get bored with the same outfit everyday.
* Mostly a guy have to ask a girl to go out.
* And mostly a guy have to make the first move on a date.

Frankly speaking, I do want to be a guy sometimes, just to feel what it's like to be a guy. Myabe it's fun or maybe it's not. I think my head is trying to think more about this topic but it won't came out. (LOL)

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SuicideCandy said...

lemme gross you out. you wanna walk with a dick hanging on your crotch? LOL...