Sunday, January 18

Untitled story. Part Two.

“Yes like that! But I thought a scream should be like ‘Ahhh’ instead of ‘Nooo’.
Yuto hit Ryutaro’s forehead then said,
“Can’t you tell, there something wrong when a person says ‘No’ Ryutaro”.
“Sorry” he replied.

Then Daiki looked at me and said, “what’s wrong” as he looked into my eyes. I looked at his clear eyes and blushed a little. “ Err..I should get going now, nice meeting you guys, if there’s a chance we might meet again”. I realise that my face was blushing even more, before they could say a word I turned and rushed to the exit door as quick as possible. When I remembered how Daiki’s eyes looked into mine just now, I increased my speed without noticing there’s a table in front of me. For being so insensitive, I hit the table and fell down. It took me a few seconds to get up then I turned to look at them if they were still there, and guest what, they were. Some of them looked at me wit their mouth half open, I laughed a little then continued to run.

“Finally, it’s done!” shouted Yamada.
While the others packing their stuff ready to go home, Ryutaro started talking,
“ I wonder if she’s okay”
“Me too, did you heard the sound when she fell this morning” said Chinen.
“ Yes it’s loud, you can tell that she fell really hard”
“Hope she’s fine” said Daiki. “Yabu.” Daiki said curiously, “Did she tell us her name?”

Yabu suddenly freezed when Daiki asked him that question. He blinked his eyes a few times and looked at Daiki then said,

“She didn’t. Why?”
“Nothing, I’m just asking “
“Or are you?” Hikaru grinned looking at Daiki.
“Her name is Chisuki Hana.” a voice was heard behind them.
“Oh, reall-.....WAIT!” Yabu shouted, “How do you know that?”
“I have my own sources and I’m not telling”

Takaki was leaving but then he accidentally droop something on his way out. “What’s this” Yuto said curiously, “chi-su-ki- ha-na” he spelled it out slowly. Takaki rushed to the door “ Do you guys saw-“ “This?” Yuto points the card to Takaki, “Yes, that”. “So, this is your sources?” Yabu asked “Kinda” he replied, “You were going to return it to her without us knowing it,right?” said Hikaru. “ Fine, let’s go together”.

“Chinen! Don’t play your PSP while walking” Yamada Said.
“I’ll be fine, don’t worry”
“How can you be fine if you have both eyes on the screen” Yamada exclaimed

Yamada keeps on advising Chinen but the little boy reply the same answer repeatedly. At the traffic, Chinen continue walking without knowing the light has turned into red.

“Chinen look out!!”

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