Friday, January 23

Walking Around At One Borneo To Waste Time And Having Fun

2 days ago my mom, Sister Carmen and me went to One Borneo for fun (jalan2 la). And of course first thing to do is, get ourselves something to eat, we ended at New York New York, The All American Restaurant located in 1st floor. yeah, i admit that it was my 1st time eating therte since the food is expensive. I ordered the spaghetti bolognese with two giant meat ball and iced mocha for the drinks. The result is...(drumroll)..MARVELOUS and DELICIOUS, and the price also marvelous, haha. Next we went to Daiso and on our way there, we meet Mr. Albino Snake at Borneo Rainforest, the most domesticated snake of all. We didn't just touched it, we hold it. Its too cute and the skin feel so smooth, feels like I want to crush it. Arghhh!! How I wish I could kidnapped the snake away from that place.

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