Monday, February 16


Damn me...This morning at 2 o' clock I'm still depress
about the laptop thingy as it was getting on my
nerve as if it was my life. well, anyway I managed
to get out from depression easily thanks to the
novel that I currently read, author by Cecelia Ahern
"Where Rainbows End" was the tittle of the novel.

Now I'm bored and my only entertainment is
PS2 and this internet but since i don't have the laptop the
internet moment is not as bright as it use to be.

mmm...let see, now I was playing CSI (Las Vegas) on PS2 and so
far I managed to solve 2 cases and of course with a help
from the member or should I say a hint.

I hope the laptop will be fix soon or even better..
buy my own but that's impossible for the time being.
I want to post about the survey which has to do with the song
thingy but as I mention earlier about the laptop
and all my favorite songs are there. So I might post it when it's fixed.

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