Wednesday, February 18

Mix should read it..

I get an sms from Ciean yesterday says that
the laptop hard disk is broken and cannot be REPAIRED.....
Well it is a bad news since all the important stuff I mention
earlier was in it. FINALLY!! it's about time the laptop
should be out-of-service...hahahaha (LOL). That means
a new laptop will come to me soon but I don't think that possible either.
Anyway, I should start downloading all the video I downloaded
before but I'll wait till I get MY OWN laptop first, well
people did say that 'Good Things Come To Those Who Wait'
and ya I believe it cuz I don't have any doubt lingering on my head.
So, that means the tag about song thingy have to wait much more longer
and I'm sorry to those who wait for it especially Evie, Sorry Evie.

Ok enough about the laptop now let's talk about PS2 games
that I played recently. Well i did play CSI, Kingdom Hearts 1,
Kingdom Hearts two and Sonic Unleashed. But I mostly only play CSI and
Kingdom Hearts 2 (KH2). well, KH2 was so exciting seeing
all the charming guys character..*blush*. Well it's fun to kick heartless
and nobodies butt and all the character from disney etc. Mulan, Mushu,
and so on so on......But I'm kinda sad and angry at the same time cuz
Roxas have to be gone and only appeared at the beginning of the story,
why couldn't he stays in the story until the end. Well, I did play Kingdom Hearts
Chains of Memories (before kingdom hearts 2 btw) and must I say
playing KH2 is much more easier. Not really easy but ok2 la. I get addicted
to KH2 since I saw my brother playing it and its fun watching and playing it.
As for the CSI I'm proud that I solve the forth case all by myself without a hint.
*evil laugh* And since I know how the procuder(is this spelling correct?) should be.

Ok enough about games now let's talk about today.
Well, nothing exciting about (apart from continuing my playing PS2)
today since I just woke up 1 hour ago. Oh wait!! I think I just remember
one thing, just now I was looking around in youtube then I saw a tag says
Yamada and nakajma kissing (no offence to the HSJ member) and i watch it but
it says you have to be 18 years old to watch this damn video, so~ I make and fake a new
account (since my birthday is in June so i can't watch it) and oh yeah I can watch
it. And what is more fun to do is...reading the fans comment (well, it is fun to me).
I can't believe I'm saying this but it's not them. well, we all can be sure unless
we ask the real THEM...right~. But according to my instincts it's not them
and I can assure you for that..hahaha.Well, anyway I don't care much about
it and if they want to be gay..BE IT *evil laugh*. on second thought maybe not good
well to a fan you know all (or mostly) and what the consequences or possiblelity will they get
theyselve pity for them la..kesian ba diorang kena ckp yang bukan2

though I still like them so JUSTICE must be DONE!! Err..I think I like them
I guess...well my feelings for them almost and not faded so you can say 50/50 la..
hahaha..okay now I want to continue playing games so..babai..

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