Tuesday, February 24

I'm getting more fatter!!!

I hate it when I'm getting bulater everyday. My face has become more and more roundish than it was supposed to be. Well, maybe I been eating too much lately and I have. yesterday I was not supposed to eat anything especially RICE...but then when mami gets home , she bought Nasi Saunyuk with rice (duh...) and I have to cancel my plan and she bought me more food...chips more and yeah I finished them all up in one go and not forgetting the ice-cream. I think playing too much PS2 make me kinda fat too, what do you expect just sitting on the couch and doing nothing but playing games over and over again, that's must be one of the factor.

Anyway today I wake up early gara2 mau pg church cuz today is ash wednesday and I want to go jog with mami in the evening and I promise that I will follow her dispite of my condition right now and I'm happy that I woke up at 5.15 am...well I mean that's good enough cuz I always wake up between 10.00 am until 1.00 pm. Oh, I'm so not gonna eat anything today (I doubt that). I told wawan that I'm not going to use broadband cuz I don't have my own laptop but since he didn't use it so sy curi2 ambil la...well not actually curi but take it from his room and yesterday he showed me Shin chan's cartoon (he insist me to watch it so why not) Well now, I'm off with games (again~)...see ya..

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GlamX said...

hahahaha ... ko mau tanding-tanding si Pika ka ni? LOL.