Friday, February 27


What makes me exciting about this dream is...Daiki (of course). He finally kiss my cheek. But then again what I DON'T really like about this dream is, he-kiss-my-cheek. Okay that is exciting and yet its scary or should I say terrifying. I mean what the hell man, I awakened often and shivering again and again, over and over again. In my dream I was shivering too ( I can feel it, and it's not good)....can you believe it. Well, to be truth I don't like people touching my cheek ( to those who knew me, u know what I mean right~) what more if people KISS it. First, I'm shivering until its ran through my spine. Second, I'll rub my face until its linger no more. Third, my face will turn to red (if u notice it, considered yourself lucky...I guess). Fourth, I don't really know how to describe my reaction but I have the tendency to roll (left to right or right to left..either) and want to scream but I always prevent myself from screaming like an idiot, it's like I scream silently not to noisy cuz I close my mouth and shut it tight (err...mcm kita ketawa yang teda suara. almost like that). Fifth, I'll worn out from all this action and if it still linger on my cheek then I'll probably drop and die.

Well, I can't really remember all the details but I wrote what I remember about my dream. It goes like this, there they are Chinen, Daiki and someone I don't-really-like (f.y.i. Yamada). I don't now what but as for Chinen he trust me with all his heart to take care of someone whathername (probably the person he like), I ask him 'Why me?' then he said that I can take care of myself real good and he believe in me (woah...he do trust me). And of cousre I'm proud and tap his back and say ' ui thank u la, besala tu'. Damn, I fondly in love with his hair yang cool. Then Daiki was kissing my cheek and that's when I start shivering...damn you Daiki, apasal juga kau buat gitu...BODOH!!! (no offence to Daiki's fans, don't sue me. I'm just an innocent dreamer.) Well, as for someone I don't-really-like was shorter than me...I mean way shorter it's like I'm much more taller than him (hahahahaha). Looks like he want to hug me for some reason but then I turned my attention to someone else, org yang tdk dikenali la. sepa la mau hug dia...tulungla. But then I realize Yuto was not there so I ask them but no answer (cilaka diorang).

That is sweet of Daiki but I hope it won't happen in reality...seriously...and I think it won't . And I also hope that someone I don't-really-like won't be that short even though I hate him. Well, I think that's all the part-of -my-dream I remember.

Seriously I try to forget about all of them but they seems to coming back to me from time to time. Even NEWS was in my dream especially Yamap..WHY!!! WHY!!!! But then again keep it going I might learn something from my dream...(as if)..

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someone had a liquid dreams...i wonder who could it be..y