Sunday, March 22

First Job and Interview

So that day was my first interview at Nablau Cafe at Gaya Street. I was applying
to become waitress and yeah I get that position.

The interview was so short, more like 15 minutes. Well maybe
becuz they knew my dad and my dad also knew them. They were more
like friends la. Puan Sri was the one who interviewed me, she only ask
where I was schooling, what course ur wanna take and something2.

Then the next day I start working cuz I need $$$ so badly and sadly.
The day has come and I start working take people orders and so on so on.
But since the cafe was near to A.T.I, most of our customer are students
from A.T.I college. First work ok la, I talked to my work mates and they
teach me how to make drinks at the pantry.

I stay at a hostel just upstairs of my work place. Now, I can go walk2
at KK anytime I want.

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