Tuesday, May 5

About Previous Post And Things I Think You Might Want to Know...(klu tdk mau tau pun sy kasi tau juga)

People don't get the wrong idea about my LOW salary...it's no big deal and f.y.i I still have money for living especially since I stayed at hostel in the middle of KK. Well there's a reason for my low salary actually and I know that dari saya juga tu. My salary not so big lah, cukup2 makan ja but there's so many temptation around me especially THE SHOPPING MALL yang not so far from my hostel (jalan kaki ja pun kijap ja sampai, damn it).

*sigh* kureng...

GODAAN TERLALU BANYAK, and what worry me the most is I have big appetite when it comes to food and I surely will buy buns (just beside,beside our cafe. means sebelah2 kedai kami) and eat more and more, if it wasn't enough then we all (my friend at cafe) rukut2 duit beli maggi (kesian~).
Even though we have lunch in the afternoon sometimes it's not enough for me....sometimes only la.

Back to my salary...bukan tdk cukup ba (actually not really enough la) but my ACC (account for staff) is too high and that's why my gaji sikit only....rm 200 ke atas la..but what's weird is I still can't get the lesson out of my head, I'm still acc-ing but now gor limit oredi la so I think it's ok once in a while..hohhhohoho..

If I just stayed at home my money won't be use that often but it's fun to stay at hostel since I got friends dari seluruh pelusuk dunia...hahaha, indak ba...

goodbye people....I'm watching Hey! Say! Jump-ing Tour 08-09, and if you were saying 'hah, baru dia tinguk' and Yes I just watch it since a long time it was on youtube...okbah~

by the way, the only thing can make me feel on the air right now is Daiki.....OMG!! I better stop
writing or else I'll start writing nonsense thing and yada-yada...

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