Monday, May 11

Goodbye Nabalu and Friends~~

It's true that sometimes I complaint about my salary that it's not enough but what makes it fun to work at Nabalu is the bond of friendship I have here including my dearest cousin, Joanne, my best cousin at Nabalu. It's fun while it last , and I'm glad that I have the chance to leave here at nabalu hostel, I did learn a lot of things here and I think there's more to learn when I'm out from here especially in form 6.

It remind me of the old time I have with my friend and now we're back in a new chapter of life again. I can't forget all the good times I had at Nabalu, feels like I don't want to let go of my life right now,but every start line has it finish line ( i know i keep repeating the same darn meaning).

Well, I'm not ready to leave my part time job yet but things have to move on so Maktab sabah here I come. To be truth I don't want to go for form 6 but you have lots choice to go when you're done STPM so I can wait for that, futhermore if I go for diploma in any college I'm not quiet sure which course should I pick so to be in a safe zone ( i guess) going for form 6 is the best choice for now.

I can't say goodbye to some of the people who's not here right now at Nabalu, so bye2 sajalh. Don't worry, if school's off i'll be visiting Nabalu and if possible take part time lah but I don't think my mom will agree about it, there's no need to tell her about this cuz I know the answer definitely will be 'NO'.....

Anyway, once again I'm glad to have such experince in a small place. If there's a chance I want to work until June but darn it school start tomorrow. I'll be back soon...hahahaha....i guess.

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GlamX said...

welcome back to school life