Wednesday, August 12

New discovery of myself that i've just discovered

This incident happen last weekends.
Well, I don't want to be so specific, so if u know u know la.

On saturday my friends asking me to go out for a movie
but I surely can't go cuz my mom won't let me and I
will be saying that I'm under quarantine (but not H1N1 reason la,
I'm healthy what). Anyway, I just know that I don't want to lose him.

I can't actually put it in detail cuz I'm afraid i might hurt someone's feeling.
And by that incident, I LOVE and CARE about him more. Hoho, if I love someone too much...
I won't let my guard down but i don't want to control him either
cuz that's just wrong.

This discovery make me want to be with him more and ever. Of course there's
a limit la. For those who read this and know about this incident, especially among my friends,
I'm sorry if I did hurt you.

I finally feel what jealousy means and how it can effect
to your motion. How angry you can be with this feeling inside you and
how badly you want to kill someone just so you can make yourself feel better.

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