Wednesday, August 5

Random Things

I'm so in L.O.V.E with someone you know who~ (to those who know me then you know who he is). I think he'll be my favorite for now, LOL. Anyway since this week is an exam week, I shouldn't think about that matter seriously but I got study juga ba.LOL. Damn Pengajian Am just now, one hour is just not enough oh. Especially when it comes to calculating thingy. Urghhh!!! I like calculate stuff but if I don't really know how to do that thing so count me out.

There's nothing to write about....Hmmmmm~ my LG Ice Cream phone is still at the workshop being repaired. Damn!! When can I get that phone!! I want to take picture and stuff so that I can post it in my blog. *sigh*.


Nancy said...

Hah! you have new phone now? Congrats! Finally..

precioussapphire said...

omg, new phone? LG ICE CREAAAM? gud fr u! mcm nancy ckp, FINALLY! ;)