Sunday, July 18

Day 1- Scuba Diving (Briefing)

Today I was late about 30 minutes to attend briefing about scuba diving...I should sleep earlier next time and try not to overslept myself. Class started at 8.45 am at Menara Jubili ( I'm also late finding this place and get lost), There's five section in this briefing course, this briefing also contains a bit about maths and physics (@-@) . Also, it an opportunity to learn about diving (sponsored included) .Its so much fun to learn about diving when you can see underwater marine life closer, I even get a bit sleepy watching the slide shows. If anyone of you out there want to learn scuba dive, click on this link to find more!!!!

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Secret Drifter said...

wow all the best !!!

good luck !!

a great sport u get there !