Tuesday, July 20

Day 2- Scuba Diving

Same time at 8.30 am we gather at Sutera Harbour Marina Jeti. I don't know that we're going to Mamutik Island to do the diving. On the way to Mamutik Island (riding a boat), I feel like its about 10minutes or something and maybe 20 minutes, well I didn't really count the time so idk. When we reach on the island, first thing I saw is of course a fish and lots of it, haahaha, mmg la ba kan ikan takan harimau. First thing we do before diving is snorkeling, such a fun activity to do because we can see the bottom of the sea clearly about   9 meters from the surface. About 30 minutes I think we swim there and here, try not to let the seawater in my mouth but still I accidentally drink the salt water because I clean my air tube on the surface then the water got in.

After the first activity finished, we take a break for awhile and have a drink. I chit chat with my friends and wait patiently to go diving, feels there butterfly in my stomach. Then the second activity was started, we've been giving a short briefing about the basic how to wear your equipment, what must you check with your buddy, hand signal, and things that we will do under the water.

For today lesson we finished confined water 1 and 2, tomorrow will be learning confined water 3, 4, and 5.
I'm closer to my diving lesson!!!! XD (P/S : sorry I don't have any picture to show because malas mau tangkap gambar and busy underwater learning,)

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