Thursday, July 22

Day 4- Scuba Diving!!! (Final Day)

I'm suppose to blog about this yesterday but I'm too tired to do so and sleepy, so I'm updating about it now la.
Yesterday lesson was great!!!!! Finally finishing our confined water and here comes the deep dive 18 meters. We done this activity near Sulu sea coral reef (is just behind Mamutik's island), the underwater was fascinating as we dive through it!!!! Coral is everywhere in different size and shape. We have our own instructor this time, and mine is CJ, not sure what he's full name are but I heard his friends call him by that name.

There's a time when its hard to balance my buoyancy underwater, hope the coral is not damage by me. After been underwater for 40 minutes, CJ and I went on the surface and wait the boat to pick us. Since we are the last ones to be rescued, CJ and I talk about our self. Well, he ask me first la where's my hometown, and looks like he's hometown is also at Tambunan, Mogong (really suprising).

when we get on the boat we back to Mamutik's island and do our exam for our diving license. One thing for sure is, driving exam is easier than diving exam, hahahaha, I ngam2 lulus. Then at 3.00 pm we got another dive to go but only 9 meters deepth la. We learn how to use compass underwater and to balance our buoyancy (means like we stay at the center of the sea without touching the bottom and using no fins).

We the last team to go home and we still have to go to PADI office to get our certificate. WOOHOO!!! Got license to go diving already!!!!  

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