Tuesday, July 20

Day 3 - Scuba Diving

Before lesson begins, we all had our few photo shoot at the beach including group photo using PADI t-shirt.

Today lesson is learning skills on confined water 3, 4, and 5. I feel so sleepy today and my face looks kinda bored. 'Napa kau diam ja ni, kau la paling senyap dlm team', my instructor said that to me and I smile and laugh a bit (but I laugh more underwater, weird~). For me the part I dislike the most is taking off my mask cuz I feel like its hard to breath (but still can breath through the air source, maybe biasa breath from nose ba that). 

The most FUN part I like is deep diving, where I could see fish swimming on top of my head. Well the deeper for today is 9 meters only la, tomorrow we'll be diving 18 meters. When I reach the bottom, I'll wait for my stella and chloe to come down, while waiting, one instructor who's with me play blowing bubble from his mouth. Not the kind of blowing yang we normally do when we exhale. Firstly, he took a deep breath and open the air source while sticking his tongue out and make an O ring shape and lastly blow lots of bubble like we do usually and aim for the ring. I give him an applause. 

He do it over again and make me feel want to play too. Then he give me the hand signak "now's your turn". So I tag along and play the game while he's watching, and I'm not doing well, hahaha, weird this when I do, i dunno how to use the tongue. When everyone's arrived we kneel down and do our final skill, that is to do all the skills we have learn before like taking off mask and so on.

The air inside my tank almost finish, and I'm starting to worry if I'm running out of air. But tdk juga la, still make it to the surface before it happens. I can't wait for tomorrow boat diving where we will be diving 18 meters deep!!!! WOOHOO!!!


Gallivanter said...

I always wanted to do diving but the thought of being very deep underwater, and suddenly trying to breath with the nose makes me feel very panicky. I don't mind just floating. Haha!

Chisuki Hana said...

when u get inside the water you feel comfortable you know. Got air tank ba no need to worry, you can breathe normally. I like swimming so i'm not afraid to be undrewater. :)