Monday, September 20

Jungle Girl From Tambunan.

Last Sunday I went to rock climbing with Cynta and Nonok. Sadly and stupidly I forgot to ask Wawan to come with me, how can I not remember :) While waiting for them I snap a picture of me on that day, full of Asi-ness if you ask me.

Haha, not really asi like the way we describe it.
Asi level 2.

When Cynta and Nonok arrived, we went and register ourself. Our hearts were full of excitement and nervous, afraid of falling down or can't make it to the top I guess. :) I climb four times but I only made 3/4. I manage to get to the top for the 1st, 2nd and 4th climb, the 3rd climb was a bit hassle which really hurt my muscle and didn't have enough energy to pull myself up.

Before starting Cynta snap a picture of me
*Peace* This is the 2nd climb by the way.

Lol pose..

The instructor teach me how to tied up the safety rope.

Grab some chalk from the bag behind me, the reason for the chalk 
is so that you can have a better grip on the rock. In short, if your
palm is sweaty use the chalk. Ok here I go!!

And I'm off, making my way to the top :D

I'm made it to the top though.

Nonok was climbing at first but he gave up then refuse to climb again. But after one hour of waiting he became bored and start to complain to Cynta that he wants to go home. But we're not done playing yet, so this is his condition at that time.

Looking at the lights I guess.

Before going home, Cynta and I want to do our last climb, the 4th climb. We were looking any of the instructor who's not busy, but even though there is we are too shy to ask for it. Hahaha, lol. We waited then finally I got the guts to ask, haha.

I hate this part because most of the rock is small 
and make me hard to get a grip on it.

I have problem climbing this as well, and I 
often let my grip off though I don't really
want to. And my hand get slippery that time. XD

Anyhow, we enjoy doing this activity and decide to come again next week. Its a good activity to work out and build your body muscle especially the arms and the thigh. Hahah, looks like my tree climbing paid off, lol. Love Sports!!!

Thanks For Reading!! XOXO \(^0^)/


SuicideCandy said...

sy suka panjat-panjat!!! LOL

Chisuki Hana said...

hahah, ngam la tu...nanti balik tambunan kita panjat tu pokok besar!! Hahahaah!

dhmail2004 said...

cool, looks like you enjoyed it D. Hope to see you there next time with your gals