Monday, September 20

Family Celebration For Malaysia Day!!!

On Thursday is a celebration for Malaysia Day, in other word 'day off' for working people. So put down your papers and get ready for celebration!! My families decide to go for a picnic on that day at Nexus Lagoon, located at Karambunai. We had a blast!!! And not forgetting the sun burn (forget to bring my sunblock lotion).

AWW!! Just look how cute is Bee!!

When we arrived at the lagoon, Cynta came riding his dad bicycle and show us where they at (lol). Then we have our breakfast while waiting for Nancy. 

Masakan Mi Uncle Ryamond!!!! SADAP!!

Ronald, our photographer guy for the day.

I start to walk along the beach to catch a crab like I always do.

Then I caught one!!

Guys talk (excluding Bee) :D

Lol, riding bicycle with dress is a no no!

Should be like this instead :D

Hahah, that's it for that day. Tired of waiting the pictures to loading. Although I have more pictures but I think this is enough la, no need too much nanti lambat loading gambar, hahaha. We have F.U.N!!!

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