Monday, September 6

When The World Goes My Way


Last Saturday I went to Daisy's work place at Youth Prep (Just in front of 1B), then I found myself bored to death and I decide to go 1 Borneo instead. I went to guardian and found LOTS of Doraemon stuff, not so many la, there's a few. Daisy ask me to buy thermometer to check on Bee's body temperature. So I bought this..

Doraemon thermometer!! XD

At the end of the thermometer there's two of Doraemon 
cute face...:3


Then there's something captured my heart again...and of course it Doraemon, ahhaa, what else!! Take a look at this...

TADAAAA!!! Haha, if I ever get hurt 
from something, then I can use this XD.
And this sterile plaster come in two design..

AWWW!!! Cute design of Doraemon!!!

Then from Guardian I went to Toons to buy a voodoo doll, not to curse at people la, no benefits of doing that if I wanted to, is for my lucky charm :)....

Hahah, I bought this mini voodoo doll's named Professor X for my luck charm. This lucky charm is for your studies and carrier, there's also lucky charm for love, health and luck. I don't know why I'm so into this things, maybe because of the word 'Lucky charm', ahhaha, but no matter if its true or not, it sure boost up my confident about studying...Thank you Professor X...:)


Last Sunday, I went to Servay penampang with my mum and guest again what I buy?? haha, if you guessing it has something to with Doraemon then you are CORRECT!! This is what I buy..

Doraemon's favorite food!!! DORAYAKI!!! 
It chocolate paste inside though, not red bean. But you also can get read bean paste.  

Then went in the servay and buy some product for my face. My face has a lot of that blackheads and whiteheads thing that I really want it to reduce badly.....then a sales-lady recommended me to buy this.. 

Not really sure if this blackhead remover
realllyyyy work, I'm doing an experiment
for this XD...only can use 2 times a week.

This what it look like when you rub it through you face..

  You can see the dead cell been remove (I know my face 
look disaster..) and this helps to open your pore too. after using this, then
wash your face so the blackheads get wash away. hahaha!!


ken said...

doraemon is cute as always =)

Evie Yang said...

the Doraemon stuff are so cute!! especially the thermometer!! =D

Secret Drifter said...

why u didnt buy the REDBEAN Dorayaki???

anyway good that there is one in Sabah !!

btw what is the name of the Shop???

Chisuki Hana said...

I don't remember the name of the shop but I do know that it's located at Putatan servay...

Chisuki Hana said...

or servay penampang...@_@..either...