Thursday, September 9

Happy Monthsary!!

What comes from the heart, touches the heart. -Don Sibet-
Today is a special day for my lover and me. Is the day of our monthsary!! Yeah, whoever reading this or some of you who's reading this might think this post is a bit "eww-ness", well screw you then. :P

He surprise me with a bouquet of flower and not a fake flower but a REAL-LIFE flower, and no its not a planting flower in a vase if your wondering. And of course a usual couple thing-to-do is watching a movie. We went to KK Suria to watch "Going The Distance" movie which is a good movie to watch but it has an under age part of the scene (if you know what I mean). This movie is suitable especially to those who had a long distance relationship going on now, I strongly recommend this movie for you to watch :)

Here's a picture of the lovely roses~

Webcam quality not really good so that explain the non-quality
of this picture.

Aww~ love the roses!! XD Thanks Dear!! I appreciate what you done!! 


Anonymous said...

happy monthsary dear~ I love you!! anyway,nice it!! (>//<)

with love,
ur bf..

Hilda Milda™ said...

Aww, congrats to you and yr bf (:

Stay lovely!

ken said...

sweet.. all the best =)