Friday, December 17

Dye my hair with Liese product

"Does it work?" This is a common question gets into our head when using any kinds of products. So I am willing to give my head out and try this product since from the beginning I eagerly wanted to do so. 

 This is the new product from Japan. I really
wanted to try it so badly.....*pfft*Curiosity...

 My chosen colour...

 Content of the box..

After mixing with two solution, this how
it will looks like..

The bubble foam.

And the experiment started..

My original hair colour (before)

 Your hair should be like this. Damn, I'm doing
my hair maybe more than an hour. Make my hand
feel the pain. ouch~

After waiting for 30 minutes and wash it off then 
dry my hair up, this is the result....

*drum rolls*


So, I can assure you that this product really do the thing. If you are allergy to hair colour product aka itch, do not use this product but if you were as stubborn as me you'll do it happy dye-ing!!!


gunsirit said...

Simpkly beautiful... :)

Anonymous said...

love this presentation!! job well done my dear~~ (shel)

ONA said...


Chisuki Hana said...

hahaha, thank you for dropping some comment..:D

Anonymous said...

whr u bought it??

Chisuki Hana said...

Bought it from watson