Saturday, December 18

Project AWARE 2010!! Be AWARE of our sea and the underwater creatures!!

On 25th September, Chloe and I attend the Project AWARE in conjunction with the worldwide cleanups day to support and help the marine creatures underwater and also the beach cleanups. What I miss the most is diving and pick up the rubbish underwater (lol), but I support this Project 100%!! Project AWARE involved cleaning the beaches and underwater, the reason for this project is not only to create an awareness to citizen but also is another way on how we can help in maintaining the beauties of our beaches and island as well for the underwater creatures. 

I arrived at Sutera Harbour jetty about 7.00am and went to register myself. Here's what all the participate get after registering. 

Jennifer and Clement from Borneo Divers Training Institute (BDTI) was happy to see me participated in this project and support them because Project Aware is under BDTI. Chloe saw me and the first thing we usually do is...taking pictures, hahah.

Below is the design of the project aware t-shirt.
There are two design but the other one look too plan for me,
so I choose this one. There's another color in this design
which is grey, orange, pink, blue, and red.

After about 30 minutes fooling around, we get in the boat and headed to Mamutik Island.

When we arrived, again we took some picture. The vanity 
never ends, LOL.

we had our breakfast at Mamutik, it's only a light breakfast and that's good cuz I don't eat heavy meals for breakfast. Next, we went to Pondok Tulai to gather for a welcoming speech from Clement Lee, the managing director for PADI and Datuk Masidi Manjun, The Minister of Tourism.

Our facilitator for diving...Mae and E-one....

    Bored of waiting, so I decide to snap random photos.

This is Chloe's and my equipment for diving, I almost forgot all the things I learned
but thank God he reminds me...:D

 And they even put our names on our equipment
We were so excited to go diving till we put on our wet suit quickly. While waiting
we snap a few photos to kill time.

And here where the fun part begins!! DIVING TIME!! XD
But unfortunately I don't have any photo to show while underwater,
so I'm just gonna skip this part.
*insert diving part moment*

After diving we were a bit disappointed because we didn't manage to collect 
amount of trash that we were expecting in our first dive. Again, while waiting for the second dive 
we snap some picture after the first dive.

Gosh, you can see the effect from the mask we wore.

Got our certificate for joining the Project Aware..

Then again the second dive began and once again I don't have photos for this
part. Anyway, the second dive was a huge success cuz we collected more amount of trash than  
what we were expected. Until our trash bag was full but seeing too many rubbish makes you
unstoppable to get your hands on the rubbish.
When the program has ended I still manage to took some picture.
For instance like this...
wow, look at all the regulator and BDC....

The rubbish that collected from underwater and the beach.
I believe that Pulau manukan has the highest amount
rubbish that was collected.

And so, we headed back to sutera harbour...

Overall, this program is fun to join since we helping mother nature at the same time brings
such a joyful time to everyone. I hope next year BDTI will be organize this event again. 

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