Sunday, February 27

My Top 3 Wishlist!! Gonna own it XD

Well, as a human being our wishlist in our heads a extremely UNLIMITED but for me I want to own this three most top wishlist in my heads first before the other list. This top 3 wishlist is an expensive stuff I never had before so I think its okay to dream on about it and maybe someday you might own it. Right? So here goes my top list........


Nikon DSLR D7000!!


As far as I know, picture taken using D7000 is rich in colour. Even though
you're not a professional photographer, you can still be satisfied 
with the picture you took. :) How I know? Cause I've seen one
and its really nice~


An IPhone 4!! Its funny and dumb that the reason why I wanted this phone is because there's a lot of games to play. And its FUN!! :D You probably think that why not just buy IPhone 5? I did Google that phone and the way I see it, IPhone 5 is more slimmer than IPhone 4. Since I'm not the kind of person who easily misplace a slimmer item than I thought IPhone 5 is too dangerous for me to have. Plus, I'm afraid that I'll be careless and drop it somewhere. 

I'm not saying that IPhone 4 is better. I think it depends on your own thoughts and point of view. Anyway, move on to my next wishlist is....

Yup, another phone :D since I have two numbers I wanna try
using two different phone. It might be fun a bit :)

I never know that there are also available colour for green and red.
Never seen that two colour in around KK. 
Along the way when I Google Lollipop LG, I saw another
model of the same name but its Lollipop LG 2, take a look.

I prefer the first model. 

Now that's my top wishlist that I will try to own. 


gunsirit said...

We have our own wishlist, sometimes they are there to motivate us to work even harder..:)

Chisuki Hana said...