Saturday, February 26

Bridal Fair and Show At Beverly Hotel. Great Wedding Dresses to Witness!!

About a week ago there's a Bridal Fair at Beverly Hotel, this fair is also open for public but only few people who came, not much of advertisement in this part. 

The event started at 12pm and we (the models) have to be there before 7am. Is a good thing that I make it before 7am :) As soon as we finish breakfast, we begin to start preparing especially on the make-up. Make-up sponsored by Groom2Life and as for the wedding dresses, it was from Romance Bridal (Citymall).

The income was a little bit rushing since we have to rush to the backstage before the VIP arrive, with our ken ken and wedding dress put on. My hair was set at the backstage...and a few minutes later the show begins. Here are the dresses I'm wearing. Each of the models wears 4 dresses.

This is the first dress which is usually a wedding Dress, its making me 
walk TOO carefully so that I don't step on the tail (because the dress is so long)
while walking but anyhow I did. Hope no one notice it :) Thank God that
the stage have enough space for me to make a U-turn. It looks weird when
I see myself not smiling. LOL

Yep, another non-smiling-face (I look like piss-off-face, Lmao). This is an Evening Dress if I'm 
not mistaken. I never imagine myself wearing a pink dress, lol, so this is how I look like.

After the two dresses is done, we're moving on to the next item which is promoting pearls jewelry (I forgot what the company's name). Anyway, we were wearing black cocktail dress which is our own dress but I borrowed from Anna since I don't have any black cocktail dress.

Drag your view to the Pearls which is the necklace
and the bangles (on my wrist). The necklace was
pretty heavy and to wear it, you just need to tie
the ribbon from the back. A simple one.

Then move on to the next dress, we have another two more dresses to wear.

 Its too bad that its not a full view picture of the dress.

And the last dress is.....

Hahaha, this dress reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. The part 
when Bell wearing her yellow ballroom dress. Remember?
I like this dress because its a bright color.

Then our show ends there but the fair was still on for the public to view. After that we snaps a few pictures outside the room. Here are some of the photos :)

 This is before we went out from the room. 6 models with all the
Romance Bridal workers/owners.

From this angle you can see some full view of the dresses.

 (This is just an act)

We took some solo photos as well. 

I look a bit stiff here. 

And the last solo picture......

And that's the end of this post :) If you wish to look at all the Wedding Dresses pictures you might as well click this link Patrick Liew's Album. I'm too damn lazy to upload all the pictures and its late at night now, sorry for that. Do click the link to find out more!! XD


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