Thursday, March 17

Are You In For An Art!!

Let's talk about art, well not that kind of art that involves in drawing. I'm talking about NAIL ART :D I don't really remember when I started to be interested in this nail art thing. I estimated probably 2 or 3 years ago la. This is apart of art right as well as using your creativity to invent something new in nail design. 

2D nail art design is easy to do. Just buy a nail design sticker and stick it to your nail and walla, you're done. This is mostly how 2D nail design sticker look like..
I did try this the last time and it didn't last long for me cause I tend to remove it. But for my next experiment, I will try to do a 3D nail art design. Sample of 3D nail art design..

I'm looking forward for this next so-called-experiment and I know where I can get the materials I needed. Best of luck! XD

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