Friday, April 8

Back To The Good Old Times~ (Reminiscence Of The Past)

I remember most of the good times I had when "I was young", hahaha, during my school times. It really brings back memories when you suddenly saw an old pictures that time or just a flashback in your minds. Let's begin the Reminiscence Of The Past...

Form 4 memories with friends. I remember this is the time when our Teacher practical for Biology subject will end her practical that week and this picture was taken on the last day she went into our class.

Hahaha, went out of the class without permission then get crazy outside the class for no specific reason :D

 Form 5 2008. Having our class party or dinner at Kenny Roger's Center Point.

Well, I don't really have a lot of picture from high school in Convent that time cause I didn't even bother to took picture like I am now. Anyway, this pictures source was from my friend's om FB :D

Then when you soon realize it, time flies so fast then its come to form 6. This is the time when we have our orientation at Tanjung Aru first beach in Lower 6. Hahaha, not all of us have driving license yet so most of us are the passenger, hahaha. I think only Claire and Hazrie own a driving license that time.

Then the lower 6 life has started..With good friends, old friends and new friends are all in it.. 

The moment when everyone don't look at the camera but me XD silly face~

celebrating a friend's birthday :D (you know who you are)

Drama and singing happen on this day. I don't remember the date
but it was in 2009.

Raya 2009 :D

I forgot what this event are...damn..

Cross country event :D The most tiring day :P But I'm shocked that
I in the 4th place..Didn't really expect that..hahaha, sheldon is in the 4th place too
I miss the athletics moment :D

Pra-U II Sabah College 2010!!

Sports Day 2010 XD The happiest day of my life...:D

Bakat Interact 2010!! I have loads of fun that day. seeing performance
then criticize, hahaha, but not in a bad way la.

Sweetest moment with him~

tadaa!! the whole students of Pre-U II, Sabah College.

showing my mosquito repellent..and do you notice that
its Doraemon :D 

There's a name for this activity but I forgot. Its an exploration we've
done for lower 6 and upper 6 activity.

Tanjung Aru Beach is our last check point.

Well, I couldn't say more about ALL the fantastic memories that I miss so much!! I miss everything, the school, friends, the drama and so much more. Pictures can't really express what I felt about this memories and its beyond words. Its been such a great journey to be with all of them and I'll remember it with this memories.

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