Thursday, March 10

Hong Kong Style!! :)

I should blog about this months ago but its always slip away from my mind. Not this time though :D On December 2010, my boyfriend went to Hong Kong with his family for a trip vacation. They even visited the most famous amusement park on earth (I assume) which is Disneyland, Hong Kong. Wish that someday I can go there too :)

Anyway, back to the title....When he got back to KK, he bought me three items that two of it can never be found or its hard to find it in KK. Take a look :D

The main attention is the hat!! XD I love this hat so much because of the style. 
Well, this hat was bought from Esprit Shop in Hong Kong.
(Sorry if my eyes look creepy, maybe because of the contact lens)

 Next item is one of the things that can't be found in KK. 


Hong Kong shirts. There's a message written on it if you read it carefully,
but I'll post the message here after this. Yup, its just a normal shirt
but what I like about it is the message on it. Its such a deep meaning :D
This is what printed on it....Hope you can read it

And the most lovable item that definitely hard to find in KK is!! (Drum roll)


DORAEMON SWEATER!! XD This is the item I LOVE the most, I do
love and like the two items earlier too :D I mean where can you get 
this in KK? What can make your attention attract to this jacket is 
the picture behind it. 


Hahaha, see..I told you its lovable ~<3 If I wear this going somewhere in KK, people will start starring at this jacket and say 'Eee, Doraemon'..hahaha, maybe they will think how childish I am for wearing this but I don't really mind what people say cause as long as you love it, there's no reason to be ashamed. Right? :D So that's the end of this post...Thanks for reading! XD Not forgetting the one who gave me this gifts..Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!! Muah!! (>///<)



gunsirit said...

wow great...

Stacey Dave said...

wow! interesting! and cute also...
i like the cap/hat also, it's very nice, the brown color is my fav color! oh ya, i'm going to HK also but for 3 days only ;)
I might not be able to shop sad...