Saturday, March 12

How to use lower lashes. A good tips!

I bought a lower eyelashes two days ago cause I want to try and see how it looks like to put it below your eyes. But the problem is the lashes is too long and make it look obviously fake. Here the picture for you to view..

This is the original length of the lower lashes, when I put it on, it was too long
and looks weird. So what I do is, I cut it into a small pieces like this..

After cutting it, its easier to put it on and you can adjust the 
lower lashes with your own way or style. I've done an experiment using the 
lashes. Take a look...



(The upper lashes is just an extra decor for the eye)

Tadaa!! So what do you think? :) For me its easier la to use
after cutting it. It makes your eyes look slightly bigger as well! :D

Though this is just a quick tips, I hope you do enjoy reading it and maybe give it a try. :D Do drop some comments. Thanks!! 


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