Thursday, August 18

Fashion Site For Breeze Mag

Hello dearest blogger!! :D This post should be posted months ago but I just got the picture. Briefly it was in for Breeze Mag on June issue. Here's the cover for the June issue though

I was only in for the fashion site shooting la, not the cover, hahaha. Back on that day during the shooting, JeefieJeff is the photographer for me and another dude model. The theme is Electro Youth ( you can imagine how the make up are).  Though its quite a hectic for me la cuz there's no changing room and I have to change in the car. 

The location of the shoots is near the Sadong Jaya area. It such a hot day on that day as well -_- . Anyway here's the picture :D

The front cover for fashion site

My model partner on that day 
(Guy's attire)

(ladies attire)

Next is the solo picture :D its the same as the small pictures on the previous picture :)

I don't like the way I pose here -_-
mcm cacat ni ( you get what i mean, lol)

I hv to admit that jacket is nice :D

And that's the last of it :D Thank you for your time reading this boring post :P hahahha...Hope that I can make it as the cover for Breeze mag one day, hahaha...As if that would happen :P 

Thank you for visiting!! XD

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