Wednesday, August 10

Its Not What You Think It Is

Hey bloggers :D having fun during this Ramadhan? Well, I sure am, though I'm not following the fasting part but back at the days when I'm still schooling I did fasting for a month (follow my muslim friend who are fasting as well :D) 

Anyway, this ramadhan has been like a shopping month for me...Gawd, I wasted so much money..but I buy things that I've been waiting for such a long time. Yet, now I'm still lingering around the malls and find anything that I can get my hands on..but it has to be affordable for me la...Since its sales this month, I know loads of shops having their promotion...and that's where I came in, lol. 

For the love of money win, STOP MONEY ABUSE..hahaha...You gonna need it when you enter Uni soon ( a message for me self)..I'm just bored till I blog abt this nonsense -_-..hahah, anyway my dear blogger friends... SELAMAT BERPUASA XD 

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