Monday, January 30

Reason Why I think I'm Funny...

First of all this is just a random idea that came through my mind a minute ago...Its nothing special but I think I'm hilarious (yeah right, as if :P) hahahaha.....

I saw a post on 9gag about cover your face like a ninja style with a shirt..So I got interested and took a photo and upload it on facebook...At first I upload this picture below...Then a person commented this photo and show me the 'true' ninja...9gager will understand what 'true' ninjas mean. 

Yes, I know that ninja supposed to be unseen. So I uploaded another picture to show my true ninja capability :P (P/S: I'm only doing this for fun :D)

And that's how I found out that I'm a real ninja after all....hahaha, yup this is such a random post I can came up with...Thank for reading (if you're reading it, of course) :)

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