Friday, February 3

Mission: Dying Back Me Hair To Black Colour.

Finally I decided to dye my hair back to black, full black. Its been quite a time since I dye my hair back to black. I will dye my hair back to different color when my hair is long enough. What color? That will be found out later ;) Anyway, back to the topic, I'm using REVLON COLORSILK BEAUTIFUL COLOR. View picture below

The color is soft black as you can see from 
the box cover.

Contents of the box. (from left)
1.  Ammonia -Free Colorant
2.  3 packet of After- Color Conditioner
3.  Cream Color Developer

Instruction/ manual of the product.
You can also get the coloring gloves from this paper.
See the hand shape figure? That's the gloves :)

I'm not really good at applying hair dye products but if it was black I think it will easy since its black anyway, if you know what I mean (lol). When I'm done applying the dye, I waited for about 20 minutes (if you're retouching or recoloring your hair). For ultra blonde shades you must leave it on for 45 minutes and for resistant gray hair, leave it on for 25 minutes. 

After I washed the dye away, I'm kinda amaze by myself that this time I'm doing better. The last time I done it, the color is not evenly (maybe its because the dye is not black). So the result is from this.


Now my hair look much more better in second picture than in the first picture. For me it looks like a chicken shit when the hair color is like in the first picture :P LOVE THE NEW COLOR...For now~ :P




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