Friday, August 24

Hey! Say! JUMP Game! (Kinda)

So I stumble up a person blog and I'm kinda stuck there seeing a gif about Hey! Say! JUMP......It was kinda fun so I click on the link and it brought me to another person's tumblr. I'm gonna post it here and maybe you can try and see what your result are XD  Here's how the gif made...

This is kinda fun :D so here's what you gonna do to get the thrill and fun...

1. Print screen your desktop/laptop (capture the moving image)
2. Open the location of the picture

*If you don't have a print screen software you can downloaded it :)

So I tried it and here is my result...

Then I tried again....(ketara ba mau lebih2 :P) hehe, its just a game anyway

Bongge la sy bilang..hahaha

Sorry for my rudeness of the source name.... 

There are some other group that was made by the owner (the owner is from the tumblr source to be exact). 
click HERE to see and find some other group other than Hey! Say! JUMP :) Korean group are also available ;D Have fun guys!! XD

Yours truly :

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Rungitom said...

The result... I'm just assuming that Keito is a lady. hewhewhewhew