Tuesday, August 28

Kimchi As Your Healthy Food

As we all know, kimchi is a Korean food which is actually a healthy type of food to be consume. I was curious about what kimchi ingredients are and why its good for our health. So connect the internet and there it was. 

Checkout the link to know about kimchi's goodness :D Its too long to explain, if I would the content most probably be the same and I think its better if you read it yourself and gain some knowledge from it. 

To be honest I don't really like to eat kimchi at first. I remember the first time I ate kimchi and my tongue refuse to taste it again. But after awhile eating it and get a hang of its taste and all, it was actually quite delicious..oishii desu!! :3

Plus, my brother is active in making kimchi nowadays and I'm there to be the eaternator which make me love to eat kimchi more. I notice that the longer you keep it (either in room temperature or refrigerator), it became more delicious. Just like tapai (rice wine) the longer you keep it the tastier it gets. I'm not saying that the kimchi taste like tapai la, hahahah..  

Then let us all eat kimchi for a healthy lifestyle :D 

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