Wednesday, August 29

Words Keep Coming (Sharing My Thoughts)

Now still on holidays which is a good thing of course cause I can laid back at home all day and don't need to worry and face any problems, hohoho (for the time being la). Well I like the part staying at home all day la, haha, though sometimes I do go out rather than locked myself at home :P

Now I'm trying to inspire myself in writing the second lyrics. I do write some lyric songs from previous years but that was an epic fail since I don't really know how to arrange the lyrics back then but I can say that now its getting better than last time and kind of proud with the result of it :) The second song I try to make is more on a happy rhythm, lyrics and song. Too bad I can't play any instrument to help me in making of this song though the music was played in my mind.

Gonna try my best to make a great song that people would actually love to listen and happy just by listening to the music and not what I like to listen it for myself. Once said that 'We sell what the customer wants/demands not what we want or wish to sell' This is a phrase that stated the meaning about what I said earlier. 

Well wish me luck for the next song I'm about to do, hahaha. Since I'm bored and doing almost nothing other than reading novel, I came up with an idea, Thanked God for giving me this idea....Amen

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