Tuesday, August 28

Long Time Ago -Please Read and Give Your Sincere Comment-

Back in 2011, I followed a competition (Miss Suria Sabah 2011) and there are talent competition and of course I'm singing ( cause that's the only thing I know : / ) I stumble up on this video that was took during that time...I can sing but not really good at it, I'm lacking in knowing the techniques but there's no doubt that I  love to sing especially to entertain guess :)

If there's an event you can simply contact me to do performance...hehehe

Here's the link to the video.. Do listen and give me your comments cause I need to improve myself :)


P/S : This video can only be seen when you log in to your facebook account as it is only available and uploaded on facebook

After you have log in to your FB account refresh the blog web and the video should be visible for you to watch. Hope this helps :)

-Song tittle: I'm Alive (Celine Dion)-

The mike quality was actually kinda bad since you can hear my voice as if was being cut, maybe the sound system is not really good la. Its either the mike or sound system, idk..

And another song I sing was during my graduation (2011). You can find it on youtube but I just put it here to make it easier for you to view :)

-Song tittle: Hero (Mariah Carey)-

Please do listen and give me your comments about  my singing, really appreciate your support ;D Thank you so much in advance.... You can post comment as well in the youtube comments box (under the video) 

Yours truly:


Armstrong said...

Refreshed the page but the fb clip still not available :P

But I saw the other clip. I'm at office now so I can't listen to your singing. Later will drop by again yo.

btw, found you on Sabahan Bloggers FB page.


Chisuki Hana said...

Thank you for visiting my blog :D Do leave your comment :) Thank you XD

Armstrong said...

I like your voice very much ;) But quite noisy the background. That means, next time must hear you sing live. Hehee.

Happy Thursday! Bisuk cuti, yay! LOL. I add you in my blogroll. Happy blogging. Wakakaa.

Chisuki Hana said...

Hahaha, ya tomorrow cuti..hehe, thanks for your comment, thank you for watching the video and thank you for adding me to your blogroll :D I appreciate it so much :)