Tuesday, October 2

Bored & Amusing Moment

Yesterday I was searching for Hey! Say! JUMP ringtone. Then I found this winrar file of them included their own version of ringtone, mails and alarm voicing...yup, of course I downloaded it. Here comes the forever alone part of me, hahahah.

There's 10 of them (Ryutaro was still in the team during this) so I choose based on votes and here's how I do it....

First, I list down all their names (kasi byk kerja ja supaya
ndk brapa bosan, heheh)

Second, folding the little papers. I closed my hand and shake
it until one of it falls.

And I got Inoo Kei (though I hope I got Daiki or perhaps Yabu)
haha, but a vote is a vote. Sorry for my bad handwriting, hahaha

Then I change my ringtone, mails and alarm to Inoo's version. My phone only talks now which makes others wondered and shocked when they heard there's a talking voice come out of the blue. 

Inoo's translation of his tones :-

Ringtone : Hello? Aren’t you around? There’s a phone call! Until you answer I’ll keep talking! Inoo~! Ok!

Mail :  A mail is nearly coming for you! My guesses are always right. See, there’s mail for you! OVER

Alarm : Ahhh! Good morning! You were in my dreams! Eh? What kind of dream? It’s too embarrassing to
            say! What kind of dream did you see? OVER (this seriously wakes me up cuz its kinda loud)

I think that's it for now, hahah, I'll change it 1 or 2 months later...heheh, till next time :D 

Yours truly:

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