Monday, September 10

Miss Borneo Tuner 2012 Audition Is ON!!!

Hey readers!! I'm going to share a new upcoming audition that will be happening on 15th September 2012!  Its gonna be a chance for you to be FEATURE in the front cover of Borneo Tuner Magazine, cool isn't it!! Imagine YOU front cover for a magazine? Now you starting to imagine it right, hahaha. Here's some of the details 


Venue: Party Play Gaya Street 
Date: 15th September 2012 (Saturday) 
 Time: 2pm - 4pm. 


- Age: 17 - 23 years old
- Height:  Above 160cm
- Fresh Faces ONLY (If you never joined any competition before,
 wanted to try new things and interested, 
then this is the perfect audition to choose!)
- High heel stilettos (4 inch or higher)
- Natural makeup (go easy on the makeup, you don't wanna
look like a clown for the audition)  

To those who are interested to go, I'd say is a good chance to try your luck and do your best cause it's a fresh faces only which I believe you can go through it :D Yakin ja ba, hehehe. Below is the actual advertisement 

Start date will be on the 15th sep 2012 and final will be on 30th Sep 2012. You're wondering why does it take too long for the final right. Well, within the week you will be having activities and yes subsidiaries tittle are include such as Miss Commercial, Miss Photogenic and Miss Autoshow (subsidiaries tittle that was stated). Following are the activities :

> Commercial shooting with guest videographer (Miss Commercial)
    Photography session with guest photographer (Miss Photogenic)
    (17th September 2012, Monday)

> Dinner with main sponsor @ Party Play lifestyle cafe Gaya Street
   (18th September 2012, Tuesday) 

> Miss Borneo Tuner social night @ Chocolate Factory
   (19th September 2012, Wednesday) 

> Talent night @ Chocolate Factory
   (21st September 2012, Friday)

> Miss Borneo Tuner Swimwear @ Le Meridien Poolside & Le Meridien KK's Youth Talent Appearance 
   (23rd September 2012, Sunday)

> Auto Photoshoot and Press Conference @ Volkswagen KK Showroom
   (24th September 2012, Monday)

> Autoshow Shooting with guest photographer
   Venue: Sabah Auto & Food Carnival (Miss Autoshow)
   (29th / 30th September 2012)

> Final
   Venue: Sabah Auto & Food Carnival
   (30th september 2012, 7pm)

I think I have listed down all the important points for this event :D Now its up to you to go for it or the other way around. I'll provide this link for the event on facebook, if you're in the invitation list you might already knew about this Miss Borneo Tuner 2012. GOOD LUCK FOR THE AUDITION GIRLS!! XD 

Yours truly:


Rungitom said...

You're not joining yourself for the competition? :)


Chisuki Hana said...

no la..haha..will be busy with the new semester

Chisuki Hana said...
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Armstrong said...

A lot of competition happening at Sabah nowadays o. Makin maju suda hahaa.

Well, looking forward to the contestants. Mo tinguk betapa hebat sumandaks urang kita :D

Happy Monday btw!