Saturday, October 27

Borneo 4WD & Outdoor Show (Day 1)

It has been such a long time since I had a part time job back, for this event my friends and I work as an usher and a model (so-so)...This is also the 22nd Borneo Safari International OffRoad Challenge. There are lots of cool and awesome cars (such as Land Rover, Mitsubishi , Ford, Isuzu and another one which I forgot). 

I probably want to own one someday and join the Xtreme challenge since my driving skill is mainly focusing at that, hahaha. Anyway, here's are some picture for day 1. 

(P/S: I do not own the images, some taken by my friend and the photographer as well with their watermark) 

- Image by my friend Cheryl-

This is the first picture before the event started. 
I just like to do faces in pictures .

-Image taken by Freddie Anthony Jacob-

Walking around to promote the umbrella and to pose 
for photographers that want to take pictures 
of us with the cars. (Gawd, my thigh has become
bigger )

-Images taken by Freddie Anthony Jacob-

These are some of the cars that was showcased. I'd say that
I love the cars, I even saw Hummer which make me wonder
why involve such an expensive car? haha, but well its their car
they might as well do what they like, LOL.

-Images by Freddie Anthony Jacob-

Activity that was on during that day. I even saw all of them
covered with mud but I love to take for a ride as well :D
I ever tried the small one but this big not yet. As for the bike, 
it's apart of the activity as well :) The guy in blue is the Bronze medalist
for Sukma (not sure which year)

-Images by Freddie Anthony Jacob-

Apart of our job scope for this event :) I don't really like my 
thigh, hahah, its gotten bigger than before. I often think that
my body berisi suda tp mmg pun, LOL.

This picture is one of the touching picture. Why? The car of course, it was named
Pinky because of the daughter's owner. Here's a story behind it. The owner's daughter
has leukemia disease, she's been going for the treatment and she told her dad that
she want that car to be paint in pink. After her treatment, she's getting better and 
being discharge from the hospital. She rode in the car with her dad which make her so happy.
 But then the disease strike again and she was admitted to the emergency room.
Two weeks after that. . . .  .. she passed away. Her dad (the owner) granted his daughter
wish by paint the car in pink which gives Pinky as the name for it.

Well, that's the wrap for the 1st day of the job and the Pinky story was indeed touching and sad as well. Anyway, I forgot how tired it was since I haven't done any job recently before this. So that's it folks, I'll be posting another post soon so stay tuned ya ;D 

THANK YOU for reading and have a nice day everyone :D

Yours truly:

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