Friday, November 16

Borneo 4WD & Outdoor Show (Day 2)

Day 2 for this event is well, same as yesterday (mostly) but with EXTRA craziness since the Hitz crew was there and giving free stuff. Who doesn't like free stuff?! hahahah...I can't recall what activities happen during this day (other than the hitz crew coming) so I'm going straight to the point.

- Image by Jaiman Taip -

A start for the second day

-Images by Edmund Chin-

This is one of the activity that happened on that day,
this is actually a competition and it's remote control.
Such a cute cars XD Makes me want to play it too.

Hitz crew join us on that day for abt an hour or so and of course giving us freebies :D Giving us mountain dew drinks and other freebies on that day but we have to do a challenge game before we could actually get the freebies. Then they are giving free passes for Hitz Birthday Invasion in KK, the rocking zone passes where you are able to stand in front of the stage. I'm not really a big fan of Greyson Chance but I do want to see him in reality (other than media). So with all my mightiness I raise my hand to be in the challenge which is doing an Oppa Gangnam Style dancing. A video was took by the hitz crew and pictures by photographer 

before the challenge begin we being asked to 
dance the oppa gangnam style.

- Image by Edmund chin-
(even one of the crew dance along for the chorus)

When the music started all of us standing like a wooden stick waiting
for the chorus part which kinda pretty awkward and dumb to 
just stand and do nothing. Then two person who are dancers 
dance to the beat and yeah of course I feel insecure for the fact I don't want 
to lose the ticket. And there I go dancing like madness, and I even done
a shuffle dance, basically I just dance anything that came to mind, doesn't mind if its
gone wrong or not. Then BAM I was the center of attention (but I didn't realize
that at first though). My friends started to compliment me and all but my mind
gone completely blank about what I've done then I feel embarrassed all of a sudden 


- Image by Edmund Chin -

- Image by Emylia -

This is the ticket from Hitz.

- Not sure by whom this picture (got it from friend)-

and we're back doing our job, hahaha. Just in one day turn my 
skin into darker colour, now what about 3 days in a row? Haha..

Posing with our umbrella ;D

- Image by Jaiman Taip -

That's the things happen in the second day but third will be lesser than this since our job will be on the morning at 9 am and evening 4 pm for the closing. Well stay tuned for my next post and sorry for keeping on delaying my updates. KEEP READING!  o( > v < )o

Yours truly~

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