Friday, November 16

Borneo 4WD & Outdoor Show (Day 3)

Third day which is the last day for our job and also an important day which I am late (- _ -) Yeah, I am late about 20 minutes for this day. Out of all day why must I be late at this day, I thought the organizer says to be there at 9 am but then my friend told me to be there BEFORE 9 am. There I was being panic and recklessly driving my way to Alam Mesra from Lido. I'll skip late part..hahah. So our duty is at 9 am waving to all the participants who participate in the X'treme Kinabalu 2012 (22nd International Off Road Challenge). There were all kind of awesome cars XD 

The ceremony start and helicopter was flying filming and taking picture, while my friends and I waving at the participants who took off and give us their gasses came from their exhaust , haha. I think there are more about 60+ participants by looking how much the car pass by. About 30 to 40 minutes or so, all the drivers took off and the morning duty is done. While waiting our next duty at 4 pm, we do our usual job as the model. There were less people so we're not that busy. Later after later we get bored and went to the cycling section to cycle.

The owner let us play with their bicycle :D Mine is kinda high
so I have a problem sitting on it at first but then it was okay.

First we follow the track of the race but not competing la. We were just fooling around and enjoy the ride, this sport is kinda dangerous cause when the race started I saw a guy fall and rolled on the ground 2 times, it was a tragic moment but he was okay. Anyway, we only went for 1 round of the track, it has a lot of bump and high ones as well. So we just strolling around the area and get our muscular picture taken 

- Image by Tony Wong -

Look how tough we are :P

Then we finish playing with it and there's still 1 1/2 hours before 4 pm and what we decide to do? Karaoke of course! XD Everyone loves karaoke :D So we went to One Borneo just for the sake of letting time pass by. 

To be true this bridge is moving as in when you're crossing it,
you can feel it movement a bit. Not sure is it cause of the wind, 
the cars pass by or the material is not according to ratio when it is build.
But anyhow, we crossed safely. Going madness inside the karaoke
room till we almost lost our voice. 3.30 pm and we're off back to alam mesra
for the closing and prizing. And the event has reached to an end soon the
closing has been done.

Event organize by Impact zone which we are under during our job that days.
This is all the crew who are involved and yeah there's us :)

It was a sunny and tiring days and my skin became darker now, hahah, we all do. I really do enjoyed working (exclude the weather). That's the end of Borneo 4WD & outdoor show folks, thank you for reading and keep on reading my new updates okay. See yaa soon!!  

Yours truly~

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