Sunday, January 5

Do I Hear A Sound of JOY

work onion head
Hey, hey, hey readers!! Two more days and my last exam paper is finished!! I struggle for these past few days till my all sort of skin face problem came up especially pimples, pimples and more pimples.... well not forgetting black and whiteheads as well. I sure hope all my effort doesn't go to waste but God has His way :)

And when I'm done with exam......ISLAND HERE I COME!!! cheer2 onion head  can't wait for this island trip with Le bf. Hope that there is no more obstacle cause we've been planning this since LAST YEAR in 2013. 

Oh wondering why I'm not studying? Haha, nahh, I'm just taking a break before resuming calculation part again desperate2 onion head Its not that I don't like what I'm doing now but to be true sometimes I feel like........

Okay enough blogging for now gonna get back on the readings sooooooonnnnnn...Chaowww   
                                                                     woa onion head

Yours truly,

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