Sunday, January 5

HobbyCon 2013

This is such a slowpoke post if you're just saw this post on my blog. The season where all anime lover, weeaboo, cosplayer, game lover and anything related to Japanese things are here last year!! Did you went for it? I sure did! But I only went for the first day. At first I was shy to put on my yukata cause having the thought that probably people are not dressing up...boy I am so WRONG. Thus I'm going looking like this :) 

Yerp, is the same yukata I wore two years ago during 
the Bon Odori at UMS.

I'm bringing along Le bf  serenade onion head

It was held at Complex Likas Badminton Hall area. Here are some photos for your view...

These photos is taken by Tom Rungitom . I didn't follow up all the event 
schedule but I notice that there's a Cafe Maid called

Probably I should go and try for the audition this year, BAHAHAHA!! uhuhuh onion head 

Met some of my old friends from high school (Suzai, Azel, Shahmi and Jay) and of course picture is a must but only with Suzai and Jay is the camera man...

And we heart so much our cat earsssss admire2 onion head 

Pictures with watermark credits to Tom Rungitom, sorry bro if I just use it without you knowing crying3 onion head    Hehehe, I can't wait to post another post. Stay tuned to my next post yeah     victory onion head

Yours truly, 

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