Thursday, February 13

Raining In The Sun

It's just a week for my new semester started and yet I feel like its almost exam moment for my stress, frustration and even anger. This happen because the major subjects ARE NOT OFFERED and did I mention that it will be my final semester (okay plus one short sem before practical). But who would want to extend another semester for two major subjects?! Might as well take it now and I yes I'm taking 4 major subjects this semester (suicide decision).

I hope and pray that all things will be settle tomorrow (please oh please). When tI'm worry at the moment I took the prayer book and pray in times of worry, to be true it does work, I'm less worry (though i still am a bit) and start to have hope and faith. Maybe all i needed is to stop and pray to God and let him guide me and also pray more. 

 The end of my random post

Yours truly,

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