Friday, February 7

Gong Xi Gong Xi!! Welcoming Year Of The Horse!

Its kinda late but Happy Chinese New Year to all reader!! I didn't receive much red envelope this year but at least I still have a few though can't beat my bf red envelope (hmpph) haha, I only went to a friend house and chill there with my other friends :) 

We also have our own shooting for the season as well, kalau orang bilang kampung2 saja ba. I ate a lot of biscuits and almost finish a jar of it (kinda embarrass a bit, haha). We even have our singing session with the guitar and it was loadsssss of fun! 

That's all I have for now though...Even so, once again Happy Chinese New Year to everyone doesn't matter if you are celebrating it or not you still deserve to be wish :) May the year of Horse brings you luck, happiness and more luckkkk. lololol 

Yours truly, 

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