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Dreams Don't Turn to Dust

I think it has been about two or three weeks since I came back from KL for Miss Malaysia Borneo Tourism 2014 competition which is organized by Persatuan Kebudayaan & Warisan Sabah (Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Putrajaya. Also under the management of BConnect whereby BConnect gives the meaning: Connecting Borneo to The West and to The Rest of The World. 

Miss and Mister Malaysia Borneo Tourism 2014 is a joint competition with female and male category, where 16 girls and 15 guys from Sabah & Sarawak compete for the grand title. I only managed to get two subsidiary titles (which is for me is kind of unexpected), so here it is:

1st picture: 3rd runner up for Miss Best Catwalk
2nd picture: Miss Friendship (though I even wonder why 
and how did I manage to get this title)

On the first day I arrived, BAM, went for a shooting straight away and my heels got separate from its base 
-_-" first photo is wearing the official t-shirt from BConnect and then second is clothing by the local designer. when I wear the second attire, I feel like.....

HAHA! seriously...check out the second picture

well  not 100% same la

Along our journey from 3rd May - 11th May, the committee member organize a few events which are Talent Night, Fashion Design event (where finalist is dressed with the local design clothing) and the pre-judging, where our knowledge about our own traditional wear according to our tribes, will be put to the test. On the talent night, since I have no more talent so I'm just okay with singing (that is all I have). I sang No One by Alicia Keys. I am confident but once I got up on the stage, DANG, nervous filled me up -_-" Thankfully my movement makes it less noticeable, hahaha.

On the following event, which is Fashion event, I must say that I am the only "exotic" person on stage, people were mesmerized, not by my beauty la, haha, but my painted face. Check this out...

When I'm wearing a designer clothing, I will always ask the design what facial expression 
they want me to portray and this is what they want and BAM I nailed it. 

Our designer: Maswira Majid (middle)

Got my first subsidiary title for 3rd Runner up in Best Catwalk

Top 5 Best catwalk (start from left to right):
Jane (4th runner up), Dewina (3rd runner up), Siti Shaqila (2nd runner up),
Kimmy (1st runner up), Rieta (winner).

Maswira Majid design (all black dresss)

The following event is PRE-JUDGING! Yerp where our knowledge about our own traditional wear is put to the test. Of course I am wearing my traditional attire from Tambunan which is known as Tinombunan. There is also a Molohingon Tinombunan which mainly wore by the elderly. 

The instrument on my hand is known as Sompoton, one of Sabah's 
local music instrument, during the years before it was played mainly by 
Kadazan's tribe. And I didn't hold it just for the purpose of holding, I can 
play it too :D but still need lots practice and learning. 

To know more about Tinombunan, traditional attire that include the meaning of tangkong, himpogot, and the other accessories that I wear, feel free to give a comment :D

AND THE MOST CLIMAX EVENT IS......THE FINAL that was held at Bangunan Abdul Samad.

First round is the simplify traditional attire, since the pre-judging has been done, no more marks will be taking for this round and we need to simplify the attire since we are gonna change to other clothing in second and third round. 

FIRST ROUND (Simplify traditional attire)

Introduction session

I'm really pissed by my fringe here -_-*

 SECOND ROUND (casual wear by Pua Heritage)

backstage picture

excuse my silliness XD 

We don't have an individual catwalk here to parade the clothes :(

THIRD ROUND (Designer clothing, mine is from Maswira)


 I am seriously, IN LOVE with this dress and I secretly hope that the designer
let me keep this dress XD but :(

Some of the journey moment, we traveled to some places in Putrajaya and even visited the most awesome and biggest mosque in that area which is the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque. We have to cover our whole body including our head, this is as a sign of respect for the sacred place.

With all the finalist (male and female) in front of the Mizan Mosque.

Visiting Kiwanis child care :D

 Candid picture at Putrajaya Kementerian Kebudayaan and Pelancongan 
(IF I'm not mistaken that is)

In the end of the journey, I have learn many things not only in friendship but most importantly on how we are going to keep our culture, heritage, tourism, tradition and nature alive especially in Sabah and Sarawak. As the theme for 2014 is Visit Malaysia Year, it is an opportunity for us to show what Sabah and Sarawak has to offer to the rest of the world and let them be exposed with all the amazing experience that no other place have except in Borneo.


 Yours truly, 

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