Monday, June 2

The Progress with Acne and a Few Tips

Yup you read it right, my progress with acne, I started to have breakout at the end of 2011 and it got worst in 2012. And this year, one MAJOR thing cause my skin to get infectedsuper sayan onion head . . which is FACIAL. I really don't trust in going for facial and never did until this year on April. Which it will be my FIRST and LAST (name of the shop will not be mention here) . I will only go..again..if my friend have a good review for the service OR I have talk to the beautician about my skin problem and how they can help me with it. 

Truth to be told, I was a bit excited that I got a great deal from Groupon, yes GROUPON. For this affordable acne facial treatment, but I should have known better that its all just for the sake of promotion. Okay, I will stop here for the moment as for now I am treating my acne problem under medication, and to add on, this is also what I do to help myself:

 Drink water (whenever you can, when you woke up, before going out,
when you get home, before bedtime but most importantly DRINK WATER)

Avoid putting any chemicals products on your face. 
(When I start to take medication, doctor advise me not to put any chemical product on my 
face. So I will only wash my face and that's it. I will put mask either its natural such as aloe vera,
 honey or white egg and mask that doesn't contain chemicals substance. And apply moisturizer if I'm
putting on makeup.)   

I just started this one so I can't say the exact outcome. 
(I'm drinking lemon juice now and apply the juice directly to my acne, especially
the scars. Just cut the lemon into half and squeeze the juice out, add either cold
or warm water and enjoy your fresh juice relax2 onion head There must be some of the juice left so don't throw the lemon straight away after squeezing  info onion head

This is as far as I will go for now, when my skin is healthier and better I will update more about it to share to you who have the same problem as me and who are going through this moment. 

Yours truly, 

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