Saturday, May 23

Belated Post

Nothing much to post about, well there is but I don't think it's important but I post it anyway. Yeah, school has started again and at first I hate it but as time goes by I'm in love with school again (wonder how the heck it happens). Now there's more friend in my life and I should be thankful for that.

Mostly all the event for the past few days was updated at Suzai's blog (i don't have 24/7 internet, so I don't go online frequently) just read her blog and you know the past events. To be truth, I'm not really in blogging mood right now but I was at Nancy's house and they have the facility what I call the 'internet' which I want to surf the net so badly.

Sometimes I hate to write a post if I don't have camera ( u get what I mean). Wish i can get a new cam soon or I'll just borrow it from my mother, IF SHE LET ME LAH. But mostly I'll just wait for that kind of moment even though I don't really like waiting but good thing come to those who waits, so I just wait la, lek ja lama2 sy besa tu.

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