Thursday, July 2

I'm not asleep yet? Also a mesej for Titing.

It's been a long time I didn't update my blog and now it's time. Ting, I don't
know why you feel isolated but when I read your entry just now
I feel like you miss being with them (evie, eca, lana and del) du
h memang la.

Lek ba kau, I think your under pressure now, so stay relax. I wish I was in the same class
as you too, doing the things we always do when we're with the people behind us, back at convent.
I think you should be more happy having the high school life that we miss not only for 5 years
but the rest of our primary years. I don't know if I'm advising you or not but I don't want
you to be this way la or feel this way. Cheer up, cuz after 1 1/2 years we wo
n't be in this kind of situation anymore. Jgn la kau sedih2 nanti ada orang risau (me la that..haha).

And I still can't believe just because of internet I'm willing to stay up late walaupun ada sikul
hari ini. hahahaha, soi. Gerenti ngantuk ni pg skul, adalah orang yang koloboi ni nanti baru mau pg mandi lagi ni..hahaha. Now I feel a little regret why I don't go for class kemanusiaan, but there's certain things can't be helped in this kind of situation such as.....ada la tu. Rahsia, hahaha. Mostly my member all in class kemanusiaan and I want to feel siting beside suzai again and not forgetting fedel. Mesti banyak crita kita hari2 tu kan. hahaha.

Anyway, anyhow....I'm aiming for sucess though (DUH!!! mestilah. sep
a mau gagal..palui). Ting, my last
request from you THINK POSITIVE. ahaha. seriously. I hope this can cheer you up a bit....

look at him...smiling.

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