Tuesday, July 21

Seeing Him Makes Me Happy~

Today I saw him and it made me feel so happy. I didn't see him just for 4 days la but somewhere inside my heart I miss him A LOT!!! But I didn't answer him when he asked me if I miss him or not, well I'm a bit shy to admit it.

Its weird that I often asked him about breaking up thing but to be truth I have no attention in doing so cause I still love him and want him to be my side when I feeling down or lonely. There's so many stupid question I ask him but the thing is I'm just too CURIOUS to know how much he cares about me. But when I have problem or any trouble, sometimes I don't want him to know or notice it, that's because I don't want him to worry about me too much.

Every time I went to humanity class, I can't talk to him cuz I'm a bit shy especially this morning. He just came back from Tambunan. I'm so HAPPY when I see him but too shy to even look at him that morning. But when he's standing outside the window looking at me, I go red la a bit and said his name. That feeling was unexplainable!!!!!

Man!!! I wish I can tell him how much I care and love him but I don't want him to hear me said it...I want him to...just know about my feelings towards him. Shhhhhh~ don't tell him but I read his diary tempat cikgu Morene that...hahaha. And I say he do care about me...a lot~ hahaha. I also write about him in my diary ba. Awww~ ahahaha..ok I'm done.hahaha.

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Sotchai said...

Aww~~ wiwin. hahahha!
It'd good to know u care for him.
It is never good to ask him so many silly questions. It might broke his heart.. don't u think breaking his heart makes your heart breaks too??
And yea, u know kan.. he sat right behind me.. nda pandai puas2 menanya pasal kau.. ish3. hahahaha..
Baa, keep up with the relationship! ;D Anda disukung!